Minimalist Outings


If you have kids, been around kids or even seen a kid, then most likely you have seen that children come with stuff. Lots of it. Some things you recognize just as kid versions of adult things; plastic cups, small shoes, etc. Some things are totally 100% kid like pacifiers, although you could build a strong case that my coffee is my pacifier…moving on.

I now have two precious little girls and as minimalist as I strive to be there are many items that I sometimes need to accompany our outings. Recently I have narrowed down a few questions that help me to enjoy my trips with them vs stressing me out.
Does the item we are bringing make my life easier?
  • Sometimes a cup of water with a lid is fine at starbucks.  However, sometimes a sippy cup is absolutely necessary.  Like when your child tips it over in the car seat and begins to freak out. It’s never happened to me, I’ve just heard stories…yeah…
Does the item we are bringing make my child’s life easier?
  • While you may not need a blankie every time you go out to the store, you may need to bring one every once in awhile. Read your kids. Sometimes you just need to bring along their favorite teddy to help them deal with the situation of leaving their stomping grounds.
If we leave this item somewhere will there be a breakdown?
  • There are a few items that are special to your child.  Sometimes the stuffed Elmo just has to come along.  If this is the case I usually let my daughter bring one thing. This way I can track it easier to prevent it from getting lost. And prevent hearts from being broken…
What are the necessities?
  • Both my little ladies are in diapers. That means I need to bring a few diapers and wipes along with me. This does not mean that I have to bring 50 diapers and wipes along with me.  Trust me friends – nothing more stressful than being in line ready to pay and having to look for your credit card in a sea of diapers. Learn from my mistakes people. No kid poops THAT much in an hour…
Do I need something to bribe my kids with?
  • I know – I may get some flack on this one. But if you need to bring an iPad or a bag of lollipops DO IT! You and your kids may enjoy the trip much better.
Hopefully these brief questions will help you as your plan your trips to the store or out with friends.  Then you can focus on the memories and not on the bags of unnecessary stuff.  Let me know if you have more ideas!