Settling In


So here we are in colorful Colorado. Although it feels more like “a science experiment in how to suck out all moisture from the air” Colorado, we are enjoying ourselves. We arrived in this land called “uninhabitable” by Lewis & Clark, and were welcomed by our loving family. I unloaded our weary girls who had been in the car for far too many days. Our little Toyota was emptied in a few trips by my husband and brothers in law. Within the hour we were relaxing, drinking coffee & catching up. A few things I learned from this move: 
– stuff can be sold – 

Rarely will one item of furniture work in every place you ever live. Sell it if you can and use the money to travel or replace furniture once you arrive at your new place. It will save you many dollars & stress
– stuff can be donated –

Many boxes of our gently used baby clothes & items were given to people who could use them. If you have the time/energy consider a baby consignment store. They exist and are wonderful. 
– stuff can be tossed – 

Do you seriously want to take the time to move something that should be thrown away? Be honest with yourself and move it to the trash. A helpful tip: If you wouldn’t  give it to a friend it should be in the trash bin. 
– stuff adds stress – 

If you don’t love something it stresses you out to bring it. Enough said. Sell it. Donate it. Toss it. 
Although we had a few stressful points (toddler & baby decided to team up and cry to fight parent sanity…) this was overall a significantly easier move than we have ever done. Thank you minimalism! 
Final words: Toddlers love snacks. Bring cash for tolls. 
Now go make some memories! 


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