Moving Again! Minimalist – finally! 

So it’s official. We leave the (no so) great state of CT (sorry connecticutians but seriously – this is a lame place) to drive with 2 girls and 1 Toyota to Colorado! Since we are in the middle of packing and moving I will make this quick. 

This is by far the easiest move so far we have done. Most of our furniture was sold via our internal apartment network or Craigslist (with the help of our wonderful neighbor!). I’ve spent the last week packing up the few remaining clothes and toys, playing with my girls & finishing up some writing projects. It has been so relaxing albeit busy! 

Once again I’m reminded why we don’t spend a bunch of our money to move a bunch of stuff that doesn’t represent us at all. There is no stress in any of it! 

So wish us luck as we travel the 3 day journey! I will take a few pictures and catch up with you later. For now I’m off to make some more memories 😊


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