Growing Up 

There is a movie coming out on Christmas Day starring Amy Poehler & Tina Fey called “Sisters”. Basic premise is that two women who have to go through their old childhood bedroom so that their parents can sell the house. For a good laugh watch the trailer and then go see it on Christmas. Hey – maybe you can see it instead of getting a bunch of junk you don’t need and make a fun memory eh? 😂 
Instead of cleaning they decide to throw a party so it’s not a perfect analogy to my point but it did get me thinking. 
A lot of us have held onto childhood memorabilia. There are precious things to us that are symbols to remind us of some fantastic times from our childhood. Or we may have saved several items from our own kids lives. Yet how many of us like the comedic duo in the movie keep those memories boxed in a house we don’t even live at? Or maybe the items in boxes are in our home but they are still – you guessed it – in boxes. How special can they be if we keep them hidden? 
I’m not suggesting there is NO place for hidden treasures, but I am suggesting to consider their importance. Many times an item represents a memory. Could a picture of that item invoke the same memory? Many times – yes! Not only does a picture take up less space but if you take it with your phone you can access it digitally much more quickly. If there are items you simply can’t live without, try limiting yourself to one box or a few items. Even better – display these precious items. Baby items can be made into shadow boxes. Old tshirts from special events can be made into a quilt. 
If they are important to you – show them off! 
A thought to leave you with: the less space you take up with old memories the more you have to make new ones. 
Hope you all are having a wonderful & clutterfree summer! Go make some memories ❤️

Sisters Preview – R – Comedy


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