Settling In


So here we are in colorful Colorado. Although it feels more like “a science experiment in how to suck out all moisture from the air” Colorado, we are enjoying ourselves. We arrived in this land called “uninhabitable” by Lewis & Clark, and were welcomed by our loving family. I unloaded our weary girls who had been in the car for far too many days. Our little Toyota was emptied in a few trips by my husband and brothers in law. Within the hour we were relaxing, drinking coffee & catching up. A few things I learned from this move: 
– stuff can be sold – 

Rarely will one item of furniture work in every place you ever live. Sell it if you can and use the money to travel or replace furniture once you arrive at your new place. It will save you many dollars & stress
– stuff can be donated –

Many boxes of our gently used baby clothes & items were given to people who could use them. If you have the time/energy consider a baby consignment store. They exist and are wonderful. 
– stuff can be tossed – 

Do you seriously want to take the time to move something that should be thrown away? Be honest with yourself and move it to the trash. A helpful tip: If you wouldn’t  give it to a friend it should be in the trash bin. 
– stuff adds stress – 

If you don’t love something it stresses you out to bring it. Enough said. Sell it. Donate it. Toss it. 
Although we had a few stressful points (toddler & baby decided to team up and cry to fight parent sanity…) this was overall a significantly easier move than we have ever done. Thank you minimalism! 
Final words: Toddlers love snacks. Bring cash for tolls. 
Now go make some memories! 


Moving Again! Minimalist – finally! 

So it’s official. We leave the (no so) great state of CT (sorry connecticutians but seriously – this is a lame place) to drive with 2 girls and 1 Toyota to Colorado! Since we are in the middle of packing and moving I will make this quick. 

This is by far the easiest move so far we have done. Most of our furniture was sold via our internal apartment network or Craigslist (with the help of our wonderful neighbor!). I’ve spent the last week packing up the few remaining clothes and toys, playing with my girls & finishing up some writing projects. It has been so relaxing albeit busy! 

Once again I’m reminded why we don’t spend a bunch of our money to move a bunch of stuff that doesn’t represent us at all. There is no stress in any of it! 

So wish us luck as we travel the 3 day journey! I will take a few pictures and catch up with you later. For now I’m off to make some more memories 😊

Growing Up 

There is a movie coming out on Christmas Day starring Amy Poehler & Tina Fey called “Sisters”. Basic premise is that two women who have to go through their old childhood bedroom so that their parents can sell the house. For a good laugh watch the trailer and then go see it on Christmas. Hey – maybe you can see it instead of getting a bunch of junk you don’t need and make a fun memory eh? 😂 
Instead of cleaning they decide to throw a party so it’s not a perfect analogy to my point but it did get me thinking. 
A lot of us have held onto childhood memorabilia. There are precious things to us that are symbols to remind us of some fantastic times from our childhood. Or we may have saved several items from our own kids lives. Yet how many of us like the comedic duo in the movie keep those memories boxed in a house we don’t even live at? Or maybe the items in boxes are in our home but they are still – you guessed it – in boxes. How special can they be if we keep them hidden? 
I’m not suggesting there is NO place for hidden treasures, but I am suggesting to consider their importance. Many times an item represents a memory. Could a picture of that item invoke the same memory? Many times – yes! Not only does a picture take up less space but if you take it with your phone you can access it digitally much more quickly. If there are items you simply can’t live without, try limiting yourself to one box or a few items. Even better – display these precious items. Baby items can be made into shadow boxes. Old tshirts from special events can be made into a quilt. 
If they are important to you – show them off! 
A thought to leave you with: the less space you take up with old memories the more you have to make new ones. 
Hope you all are having a wonderful & clutterfree summer! Go make some memories ❤️

Sisters Preview – R – Comedy

Minimalist Baby – Needs?

  Alright – part 2 for minimalist baby stuff. 
According to many popular department store registries, you need no less than 300 items before baby comes. Does that not seem a bit extreme?? It is. It’s a lot bit extreme. 

While some employees at these locations may care what’s best for your baby, their employers have a different priority. Their driving force is the almighty dollar. The less you think for yourself the more money they can make. They use your “new mom guilt” as a way to manipulate you into pulling out that credit card. And they are good at it!! I know that I once purchased some powdered oatmeal baby food for my first daughter because I felt like she would starve without it. Was she hungry? No. Was it recommended by her doctor? I didn’t ask. I just was drawn to the marketing in that moment. It’s happens to the most committed minimalists – at least the ones that admit it 😊

So then what the heck does a baby need? This is by no means the only perfect list. This is meant to be a starting point to keep you from going insane. You’re welcome. 
Quick list: 

1) you 

2) love

3) food 

4) diapers 

5) sleep 
1) you. 

Regardless if you are birthing or adopting your new little one – they are your kid! Of all the kids and all the parents they got partnered with you! I believe there is a huge significance to this that is often overlooked. They aren’t your mothers daughter or your friends son. You get to decide how to raise them. Take advice if you want but you also have a wonderful instinct many times. Don’t ignore that! It’s a gift! 
2) love. 
“All you need is love”…right? Again, a gift that’s overlooked. Many times that one rattle or that specific blanket is given way too much significance. You’ll see what I mean when your baby looks into your eyes with mesmerized love 
3) food. 
Ok. Maybe you need more than love. They need food. We all gotta eat! Breastmilk, raw goats milk & formula are all fantastic options. * Just gotta pick one! 

– A quick note: this seems to be a very touchy & personal subject. Many women feel like they need to defend why they can’t/ don’t want to breastfeed. I just want to encourage you that no matter which option you choose, again it’s YOUR choice. Your kid is your responsibility. I hear so many moms with healthy & happy kids feeling horribly guilty for not breastfeeding. It breaks my heart! We need to quit judging other moms/parents on this one. Your boobs are your own business. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. You are doing great mama. Keep up the good work and bottle fed that baby with joy! 

* I’m not a doctor here so don’t take this as medical advice!
4) diapers. 
Unless you are one of those folks who decides to let your baby pee in little dishes around the house (it’s a thing. Google it) then your kid is gonna need diapers. Paper or cloth or some kind of hybrid, I’d say this is a must. 
5) sleep. 
Before you slap me through the computer screen, I don’t mean you, dear parent. I used to get so annoyed when people would tell me to “sleep when your kid sleeps” as if I was choosing NOT to sleep. I mean, yes, sleep is awesome but with my kiddos I barely slept at the beginning. And here I’m not talking about sleep training and blah blah blah. There are other blogs for that. I have coffee….

I’m just saying your kid needs a place TO sleep. You can co-sleep, crib, bassinet or even set up a sleep station on the floor. It’s up to you! Do your research and find what works best for you! 

6) car seat

Pretty self explanatory. Sometimes your insurance provides a free one so double check that before you get one! 
Additional things:
* clothes. 

It’s nice to have at least one outfit a day at the beginning. Babies tend to blow out those diapers fast and get that baby poop all over the place. You don’t want to be staining those cute little onesies! 

Many times these little shirts are available at the hospital. So are a couple blankets – which is why I didn’t include it above. I didn’t want to ruin nice clothes so I just grabbed a few extras from the hospital. Win win
* wrap it up! Plug it up! 
Totally optional – I love baby wearing. It gives me my hands back and also kinda makes me feel like I’m on the movie Total Recall….

Also – my kids never took a pacifier but I can totally see the merit. Snag one at the hospital 👍🏼

That’s about it! If you have any other ideas that you found that were necessities I’d love to hear them!