Getting more minimal move #3 & #4 

Move #3 was in state and quite uneventful so instead of boring you I will know jump to #4. The only thing super exciting was the addition of our first daughter into our family. For baby minimalist tips check out the other posts on my blog. 

Alrighty: move #4 : from the dusty nothingness of New Mexico (no offense New Mexicans ☺️) to the sunny palm trees & beaches of California! Immediately we could give away and sell all winter clothes as you do not need them in the wonderful climate of CA. This saved us a ton of space. As we looked at costs of renting trucks to move our furniture, we realized it would actually cost more to move our current furniture with rental fees than give it all away. Crazy isn’t it?! We began by selling off our furniture and placing the money into savings for new items in California. 
We packed our poor little Toyota Corolla to the brim. There was a little room around our daughters car seat but we had the rest of the car PACKED! To this day I can’t even really remember what was in there. Was that a good thing? If you answered “NO!” then give yourself a gold star. If you answered “YES!” well don’t worry! There’s still hope for you…
We embarked on our road trip and actually I have a lot of fun memories. Road tripping with a baby can be tough but it wasn’t too bad. Except for Utah – come on guys. That state goes on forever! 
We finally arrived in sunny CA at our gracious extended family’s house. We needed to stay for a few weeks before our apartment opened up. I was once proud of just bringing the stuff in the Corolla but now we had to unpack it into our poor family’s garage and any spare space they had. Unloading was awful. Instead of chatting and spending time with family we were unpacking. What a waste! 
As I unloaded boxes I began to realize something again:
STUFF TAKES PRIORITY. And those old tattered clothes or baby toys were taking a priority over family. That was just silly folks. 
After a few weeks we moved into our apartment but not before stopping by goodwill and dropping off a few unnecessary items. We were able to unpack our stuff fairly quickly and began to explore our surroundings. This is when it got fun. 
Because we had no furniture we were able to take the money we had saved and go purchase a few items that fit for THIS apartment. Instead of making something old work in a new space, we got to let the creative juices flow and set up new furniture. We found ourselves unburdened again. The freedom became intoxicating! 
Very little in our apartment also meant very little for me to clean. Our small wardrobe meant very small laundry. Our small apartment meant lower rent which meant more money. For important things, like Disneyland passes. You know – essentials. We came, we saw, and we conquered California because we had nothing weighing us down. 
So whether you read the entire article or skimmed to this point, I leave you a few questions that you may learn from my mistakes: 
1) Are the items you own currently serving a purpose? Or are they in the way of your true priorities? 
2) What items could you sell now that may inspire more space or money for things you do love? 


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