Have you ever felt like you have too much stuff? Usually it’s when you can’t find your keys and have looked through your junk drawer which has grown from one to every drawer. Or if your toddler can’t find their favorite stuffed animal and you realize they have about 25 that never get played that block you from finding Mr Bear in that moment of crisis. Or you want to watch a DVD and realize you have about 250 sitting on shelves collecting dust but can never quite find the right thing to watch.

As you can see – I had an excess – whether I  realized it then or not. I began to purge my things and in the process found joy. Now with a husband and two kids we continue the adventure. We have lived in four states and continue to be on the lookout for new opportunities – unincombered by earthly possessions. We are not rich – we live on one income. What started as necessity now has become an exciting way of life

This blog is mainly about one family’s journey to de clutter and live free.


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